Admission to the Music Major

Freshmen who express interest in majoring or minoring in music should follow the appropriate music curriculum and receive advising from the Music Department chair, Dr. Cynthia B. Ramsey. Students may apply for major standing as early as the end of the freshman year.

A successful major standing jury will result in admission to the music or music education major.

Transfer students who enter Lynchburg College with 60 or more accepted credits must apply for major standing during their first semester at the College. Approval for major standing may be granted after that first semester or the music faculty may defer final action until the end of the student’s second semester of study.

With the exception of transfer students who enter Lynchburg College with 60 credits or more, no deferrals on major standing are given after the student has completed 70 credits.

Major Standing Juries

Students majoring in music or music education must successfully complete a qualifying review by the music faculty at the end of the sophomore year. Major standing juries occur near the end of the spring semester.

The jury for the BA in music or music education will consist of a performance on the student’s major instrument (except for composition). Several pieces should be fully prepared from which the jury can select two pieces to hear. The composition jury should ideally be the performance of an original work. In lieu of that possibility, the presentation of a portfolio of theoretical papers and/or related class projects may be submitted to the jury. The result of a major standing jury may be 1) approval, 2) deferral, or 3) denial.