Visual & Performing Arts Scholarship Competition

Each year, the University of Lynchburg awards music scholarships to incoming first-year students. We award scholarships of up to $3000 for participation in Wind Symphony, Jazz Ensemble, and Concert Choir... REGARDLESS of major. Students performing in these ensembles are also eligible to perform as part of the Pep-Band, as a paid work-study position.

We are now gearing up for our annual Visual & Performing Arts Scholarship Competition, and now is the time for graduating seniors to apply. The deadline for this year’s scholarship competition is January 30, 2019.

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Competition Details

Questions? Contact Dr. Cynthia Ramsey at 434.544.8344.

Music Audition Information

If your performance requires accompaniment, it is preferred that you bring your own accompanist or a high quality accompaniment tape. A staff accompanist will also be available.


Prepare two songs in contrasting nature (style, tempo, mood). Performance in a foreign language for at least one piece is encouraged but not required. Both pieces must be memorized. Sight singing will also be required at the audition and will include two selections from Robert Ottman’s Music for Sight Singing.


Prepare two pieces of contrasting styles (approximately 10 minutes total); you will also be asked to perform a chromatic scale ascending and descending full range of the instrument.


Prepare two compositions in contrasting styles or one longer composition with contrasting movements (approximately 10 minutes total).


Prepare two compositions or movements in contrasting styles. It is preferred that one be a movement from a major concerto. One may be an etude that shows your level of technical development.


A prepared solo on snare drum, timpani, and mallet percussion instrument (all three are required).


Prepare two compositions or movements in contrasting styles.

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